Zeno - For the Athlete in You Product Advantages
those goals
with Zeno
  • Minimize friction and resistance to optimize streamlining.
  • Greater protection from infection if skin is grazed and’ improved healing
  • Strapping of stressed muscles or joints is more effective and less painful
  • Ensures massages are more effective and comfortable
  • More muscle definition
  • With the use of Zeno body polishing gel after hair removal skin is moisturized, cleansed, exfoliated and muscles are even more accentuated!
  • Hair free skin minimizes grip for opponents in contact sports such as wrestling, rugby, basketball, American football, Aussie rules ETC…
  • Feel confident without unattractive body hair
With these benefits Zeno gives you the knowledge that you look like a primed physical machine consequentially psyching out your opponents and giving you confidence to excel!!